Friday, March 23, 2012

Recovery Challenge

Over the next 30 days, I will be answering one of these questions a day. I found this on an inspiring Recovery website and decided to take the challenge.
Recovery Challenge
1. List your stats (height/weight). What eating disorder are/have you struggled with?
2. What does recovery mean to YOU?
3. List 10 NON physical things you like about yourself.
4. What are factors that contributed in your choice to recover?
5. What actions do you believe could be taken in the future to help prevent your child(ren) or close friends from ever developing an eating disorder?
6. What was your favorite meal before your ED? What is your favorite meal now?
7. Do you think the media contributes to the growing rate of girls developing eating disorders younger and younger?
8. Create a list of all the positive things your eating disorder has given you. (This day should be short haha.)
9. Create a list of all the negative things your eating disorder has given you.
10. Does anyone in your close family have an eating disorder? If so, do you think it had an impact on you developing one?
11. List 10 PHYSICAL features you like about yourself.
12. Post a picture of 1 thing you ate today.
13. Do you believe you can ever fully recover from an eating disorder? Explain.
14. How do your friends and family feel about your eating disorder?
15. Post a picture of you before you ever developed an eating disorder. What emotions were you feeling in this picture? Describe your picture.
16. How would you help a close friend or family member if they developed an eating disorder?
17. What does being fat TRULY mean to you?
18. Here’s a challenge. Come up with a hobby you’ve never done or haven’t done in awhile that has NOTHING to do with eating or exercising or cooking. Totally non eating disorder related. What is your hobby? Why did you chose it?
19. Has your eating disorder ever held you back from something? If so, explain.
20. I feel eating disorders have somehow been glamorized. Explain your opinion on this.
21. Who has been the biggest contributor of your recovery in your life? Explain.
22. Describe your goals for your future.
23. List 2 positive things that happened to you today.
24. Where were you in terms of your eating disorder 6 months ago? Describe how you’ve changed.
25. What are your ‘fear foods’? I CHALLENGE you to eat one today. Dare you. Do it.
26. Eating disorders often come hand in hand with social anxiety and or depression. Start 1 conversation today with someone you don’t normally speak to. How did it go?
27. Create a letter of everything you would write to your eating disorder as if it were a real life person.
28. What do you need to improve on in order to advance mentally and or physically towards recovery? Explain how you plan on actually moving forward with these goals!
29. Challenge yourself again in some way today. Whether it be being more social, eating more, eating another fear food, etc. Explain.
30. List your stats again. Did this help you at all?

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