Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 6 - Recovery Challenge

What was your favorite meal before your ED? What is your favorite meal now?

Before my eating disorder, I LOVED to eat. I definitely had a sweet tooth. Probably ice cream... Cold Stone Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream. Or any flavor ice cream. Some other foods I used to love eating were french fries, chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, hotdogs, fried shrimp, anything with ketchup... salads WITH dressing... tuna sandwiches (Panera's), PB&J sandwiches, loaded baked potatoes (Outback's), garlic bread, cheese and pineapple pizza, mac n' cheese, bean burritos, Fettuccine Alfredo, bread sticks, cheese sticks... cinnamon rolls, waffles, strawberry muffins, chocolate chip pancakes drenched in syrup, french toast, jelly filled or glazed or strawberry glazed with sprinkles or chocolate donuts, cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese or butter, toast with jelly or butter and cinnamon sugar, biscuits, sausage... McFlurry's, frozen yogurt, chocolate chip cookies, cherry pie, strawberry pie, cookie dough or Butterfinger milkshakes, cake, brownies, toaster strudels, cherry turnovers, cherry danishes, chocolate chip cookies, fudge, Samoas girl scout cookies, Kit-kats, sugar cookies with icing, oatmeal cream pies... this list could go on forever. I used to really love food. But it was okay, because I used to exercise so much that I could eat all this food and burn it off right away... and still be normal weight. A lot of these foods - icing, anything fried, anything with bread or fat - I would be horrified to eat now, but one day I hope I will be able to eat them again without feeling bad about myself.

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