Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 9 - Recovery Challenge

Create a list of all the negative things your eating disorder has given you.

1. I've lost a LOT of hair... and its still falling out.
2. I've lost the few friends I had before this happened.
3. I haven't been able to make any new friends.
4. I'm really sensitive to pain, every little thing hurts really bad.
5. Depression
6. I have trouble concentrating.
7. My whole body is covered in little hairs. (Lanugo)
8. My heart is really weak, since my heart rate got down to 35. (now it is 60)
9. I have no muscles or energy.
10.  I get dizzy every time I stand up.
11. My legs cramp really bad at night.
12. My nails are so thin that they bend.
13. I'm  always cold.
14. Things that I used to enjoy aren't fun anymore.
15. I'm always restless or anxious.
16. Holidays are no fun... what is Easter without chocolate? Or Thanksgiving without pie? Or a birthday without cake?
17. My family (home) is always complete chaos.

This list could go on and on. On the bright side, after staying up all night vomiting from a stomach problem (I'm really sensitive to hormones) I didn't feel up to having oatmeal this morning... so instead I ate a bagel! Huge accomplishment for me! Especially since I am afraid of bread. But, I enjoyed it! :D

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