Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 2 - Recovery Challenge

What does recovery mean to YOU?

To me, recovery means a bunch of things. It means not obsessing over calories. Eating the foods I loved to eat . . . and not feeling guilty when I eat them. It means not having to eat at the same exact time every day. Eating when I'm hungry and eating until I'm satisfied. Eating a variety of foods. Eating at restaurants. Being confident about myself and the way I look. Not listening to any negative comments people make about me. It means being able to focus again. Not getting stressed out in social situations that involve food. Not obsessing over my weight. Being able to exercise again and enjoy it without calculating the number of calories I burned. Looking in the mirror and NOT obsessing over NATURAL "fat" areas of my body. Not comparing myself to other people. And finally, enjoying life again.

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