Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 24 - Recovery Challenge

Where were you in terms of your eating disorder 6 months ago? Describe how you’ve changed.

Six months ago was December. I had only had an eating disorder for a few months at the time. It was pretty bad in December. I was probably eating about 700 calories a day. I was reluctant to add any more food to my diet. I had to get my blood drawn. EEK. I was always dizzy and exhausted. I even saw myself as too thin, yet I couldn't make myself eat more... it is so weird how anorexia messes with your brain. I was having to regularly see a cardiologist to monitor my heart because it was so weak. I spent 100% of my time thinking about food and calories, I couldn't even focus at all in school. I was always in a bad mood.
Currently, though, I'm able to focus a little better in school. I have made it to my goal weight.(My doctor said she's never seen someone's weight recover so quickly) Sadly, I see myself as morbidly obese... even though I am barely in a normal weight range. My hair has started to grow back a little (even though it's still falling out). Usually I eat the same foods every day, although some days I am able to change one food item. I'm trying hard to recover, but its so hard... especially when your own family doesn't support you. I just wish things were better...

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