Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 22 - Recovery Challenge

Describe your goals for your future.

I'm glad I get to write about this one. I spend a bunch of my time thinking about my future. Well, based on the plan, and the specific high school I go to, I will already have the first two years of college finished when I graduate high school. After that, I hope to go to the University of Tennessee to finish up college. Then I plan to get a job, I'm interested in Architecture, Interior Design, and Nutrition currently. I want to save up for a nice house,with pretty flowers and an apple tree (I love apples). I hope I will have a very decorated, happy, and colorful house with a great kitchen and a huge closet. Also, I hope that my eating disorder is gone so I can enjoy food in the future, cook, take amazing pictures, travel, make friends, volunteer at an animal shelter, and have a dog. I might get married... but I'm going to be very picky about that, because I don't want to end up unhappy (bad experiences) and I probably wont have kids, but if I did, I would hope it was a girl.

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