Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Happiness Challenge

Here is my list of 100+ things that make me happy. I am going to try to do at least one every day.
1. Having oatmeal for breakfast.
2. Trying different flavors of tea.
3. Hearing birds chirp in the morning.
4. Going to church on Sunday.
5. Eating lunch with my mom.
6. Talking to my mom.
7. Shopping.
8. Cooking.
9. Making family recipes as good as my mom does.
10. Taking pictures.
11. Spending time with my dogs.
12. The smell of breakfast in the morning.
13. Looking through magazines.
14. Daydreaming about my future.
15. Looking at other people's blogs.
16. Having a feeling of accomplishment.
17.Unexpected snow days
18. Painting my nails
19. Listening to "Beautiful Me" by Selena Gomez
20. Watching Modern Family.
21. Listening to my best friend's stories.
22. Decorating food.
23. Having a clean room.
24. Listening to "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato.
25. Listening to "Ours" by Taylor Swift.
26. Coloring/ Designing.
27. Getting an A on a hard test.
28. Listening to my grandpa's stories from his childhood.
29. Talking to my grandma.
30. Summer thunder storms.
32.Reading an inspiring quote.
33. Seeing snow.
34. Doing a good deed.
35. Finding the perfect article of clothing that I've been searching for forever.
36. The smell of fall.
37. Having a good hair day.
38. My electric blanket on a cold day.
39. Finding something I thought I lost forever.
40. Priceless memories.
41. A great comeback at the perfect time.
42. My favorite perfume.
43. A new candle.
44. People who listen and truly care.
45. When someone speaks highly of you, but think you didn't hear it.
46. Eating over-the-top desserts.
47. Exercising.
48.Unexpected hugs.
49. Finding the perfect gift for a friend.
50. Going on cruises.
51. Cute mugs.
52. A refreshing drink on a hot day.
53. Doing something on my bucket list.
54. Taking a perfect picture.
54. Hearing an old song you used to love.
55. When a scent brings back good memories.
56. When someone remembers little things about you.
57.  Realizing its almost Christmas.
58. The colors of autumn.
59. Loving a new hair cut.
60. When your food arrives earlier than you were expecting.
61. Reading your old journals.
62. Waking up and seeing sunlight.
63.  Praying.
64. A beautiful spring after a cold winter.
65. Playing tag with my cat.
66. Reading a good book on a hammock.
67. Finally being able to play a piece of music on the piano.
68. The smell of all the spices when you open up the spice cabinet.
69. Christmas lights.
70. The perfect pair of sunglasses.
71. Clean sheets on my bed
72.  New body wash
73.  Eating watermelon in the summer
74.  New underwear
75.  Finding money in an unexpected place
76. Thinking about my future
77. Enjoying good food

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